Summary: The Welder has primary responsibility is Tig, Mig, Flux-Core and Stick welding of steel (also, stainless steel) parts. Each job must be run with safety, accuracy, and timeliness in the welding area.  Principal Duties and Responsibilities: Tig, Mig, Flux-Core and Stick welding, to including the following:
·Reading and understanding blueprints (weld symbols) prior to starting a project.
·Inspect welds for accuracy.
·Prepare product to be welded by grinding, drilling, milling, tapping and cutting steel/aluminum parts.
·Change wire, welding, as needed.
·Change gas tanks, as needed.
·Responsible for the proper packaging, identifying and moving of all finished products to the proper location.
·Ensure all equipment is properly set-up and used in a safe manner and that all safety devices are in use.
·Monitor equipment and request maintenance when required.
·Perform simple maintenance and repair as required. Other Duties and Responsibilities:
·Required to have proper and accurate entry into the time and attendance system.
·Other job-related duties as may be necessary to carry out the responsibilities of this position
·A good work ethic