QA/QC Inspector

 QA/QC Inspector I
Rentech Boiler Systems, Quality Department
The QA/QC Inspector I is dedicated to general inspection processes and administrative quality department functions. The position reports directly to the QA/QC Manager in all assigned matters.
Duties and Responsibilities:
The QA/QC Inspector I’s primary function is to perform inspections and provide documentation as required by the company’s established quality program. This includes, but is not limited to:
• Perform inspections on products during and at completion of assembly processes to verify required configurations and critical dimensions.
• Verify compliance of welding activities with all applicable codes and standards.
• Verify compliance of coating activities with all applicable codes and standards.
• Ensure production personnel are qualified in accordance with applicable codes and standards when applicable for assigned tasks.
• Identify opportunities to improve product design and communicate recommendations to appropriate company personnel.
Document Control
• Monitor and verification of fabrication drawings in use as both approved and current.
• Controlled issue of project welding procedures and associated matrixes to be used by production personnel.
• Maintained records for all inspection activities.
Document Review
• Review of Material Test Records (MTR) for compliance with ASME requirements.
• Generation of completed material Receiving Reports to be filed in applicable quality department records for progressive turnover packaging.
Nondestructive Testing, Tracking, and Record Keeping
• Coordinate NDE with the QA/QC Analyst for Rentech’s manufacturing facilities and field site projects.
• Track testing status for requested items through completion and acceptance by the appropriate bodies of authority.
• Ensure that signature documents are filed in applicable Quality Department records for progressive turnover packaging, and that original items (film, reader sheets, etc.) are retained to the Quality Department archives in accordance with ASME requirements and the Rentech Quality Control Manual.
Turnover Packaging
• Produce inspection reports as required. Maintained project travelers and inspection test plans in accordance with the quality program and project specific requirements.
• Assemble all Quality Department digital records in the format established and maintained by the QA/QC Manager.
• Present Data Packages prepared for final turnover to the QA/QC Manager for review and approval to process for issue as well as archive retention.
Prerequisite Training and Skills:
• Familiarity with fabrication documents and revision processes.
• Familiarity with ASME reference documents associated with material requirements.
• NDE processes and ability to prepare discernable records for review.
• Ability to use quality documents with moderate complexity.
• Ability to assemble and enter inspection reports to digital project records.
• Familiarity with general welding and manufacturing processes.
• Computer applications; proficiency with Microsoft Word/Excel/Exchange, and Adobe Acrobat.
• Moderate to heavy physical activity; working on elevated surfaces, walking, climbing steps and ladders, entry into confined spaces, consistent exposure to loud environments.