Tax Associate

At Condley and Company, LLP, our goal is to provide each employee with an opportunity to build their career, make a difference in the world, and have their talents recognized and appreciated. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our team, and we nurture positive, supportive relationships within our workforce just as we do our client relationships.

A career with Condley and Company, LLP can offer you unique advantages such as diverse projects, experience, and clientele; a healthy work/life balance; direct interaction with partners and client executives; career advancement and support; and competitive compensation and benefits. If you are interested in joining a stable, growing, team-based professional services firm, we want to hear from you. 

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Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree with appropriate accounting hours
  • Foundational understanding of tax law
Role Success Factors
Client Service Excellence
  • Ability to focus on complex tasks, understand firm’s comprehensive compliance process and persevere to bring work to completion for review 
  • Prepares tax returns, organizes work papers, maintains open items list, and conducts self-review of work before submission to reviewer 
  • Takes responsibility for service quality, thoroughness and accuracy 
  • Develops or offers a proposed solution when communicating an issue 
  • Works autonomously under the pressure of tight deadlines and multiple priorities 
  • Stays current on regulatory and industry issues through CCH, RIA, BNA, etc. 
  • Demonstrates ability to learn from mistakes and change approach/actions 
  • Considers tax planning opportunities 
  • Acts in a professional manner at all times
People Management/Relationships
  • Targets written or verbal communication to appropriate audience 
  • Seeks feedback to learn and develop in role 
  • Works effectively and builds relationships with peers and associates 
  • Proactively informs engagement team of work status and requests information from client as needed 
  • Takes ownership of personal career goals and seeks out mentors, coaches and advisors within Condley to help achieve aspirations 
  • Attends recruiting and firm events to build the practice
Productivity & Business Growth
  • Develops an understanding of the service capabilities and offerings of the firm 
  • Recognizes the importance of professional growth activities to the firm and starts to develop a peer network 
  • Meets charge hour and realization expectations
  • Prepares estimates, projections, provisions, and tax returns 
  • Ability to organize facts, analyze and interpret information/research according to client circumstances 
  • Drafts research memos and formulates preliminary conclusions to share with client team and colleagues 
  • Identifies and develops alternatives for issues and consults with engagement team 
  • Masters firms tax software, research technology tools and related products to accomplish work efficiently 
  • Demonstrates awareness of Condley’s risk management policies and procedures (e.g. client confidentiality, client acceptance) 
  • Develops initial understanding of industry specific tax principles (if applicable) 
  • Recognizes and applies the difference between financial and tax accounting (if applicable) 
  • Understands tax code regulations and how they apply to the technical aspects of tax preparation and planning 
  • Understands limits of personal knowledge; asks questions and seeks assistance to clarify technical issues
Key Skills to Accelerate Your Career
  • Displays problem-solving skills and effective, insightful and timely communication skills 
  • Good team player with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn; displays initiative to take on new work outside of comfort zone 
  • Consistently produces a high-quality work product
Key Development Opportunities 
On the Job
  • Hands-on learning – close interaction/collaboration with more experienced team members 
  • Ask questions; clarifies expectations 
  • Seek to understand comprehensive tax process 
  • Seek exposure to clients 
  • Take on complex clients/projects 
  • Learn more about the various service lines – what we offer as a firm
Learning & Professional Development
  • Tax research and technical writing training 
  • Technology/process training 
  • Tax technical training 
  • Webcasts and independent study to develop relevant tax skills
  • Read journals/publications and internal tax and professional publications
  • Training on delivering client service
  • Tax division meetings to enhance skills and knowledge 
  • Exposure to as many teams/people/work styles from which to learn 
  • Begin studying for and taking CPA exam 
  • Networking - civic and professional organizations