Posted: 01/03/2023

Hours: Flexible Schedules available - to be discussed in interview
Salary: $18.19 - $21.25 per hour (d.o.e.)
Benefits: Medical, Life, 401A, 457, Roth


This position provides a variable level of support to consumers with mental health issues in an integrated Psychosocial Rehab treatment team structure. This includes but is not limited to providing assistance in accessing medical, social, educational, or other appropriate support services as well as linkage to more intensive services if needed, in addition to frequent monitoring, assessment of service needs, service planning and coordination, administration of TIMA scales and other TIMA medication management functions. This position is responsible for providing Psychosocial Rehabilitative services within Level of Care 4 of the Texas Resiliency and Recovery model of treatment. Responsible for insuring that the Recovery Plan is developed and designed based upon ANSA calculations and the Authorized Level of Care. This position requires intervention and frequent in-person, long-term contact with individuals, families, and service providers. This position requires the ability to: identify problem/need areas; work under pressure and in stressful situations in a professional manner; be thorough in assessment and documentation; locate and utilize a variety of community resources to meet the needs of each individual ; assist in negotiating and advocating for each individual with service entities outside the Center; and develop a positive relationship with each consumer. This position is responsible for direct assessment of the consumer's living environment and for providing spontaneous assistance as needs arise. This position provides rehabilitative services addressing daily and independent living skills such as opportunities to acquire and improve skills for problem solving, accessing services and community resources, obtaining and maintaining safe, affordable housing, communicating effectively, appropriate socialization, and developing a natural support system. These duties are performed in accordance with established policies, procedures, and ACT "Best Practice" guidelines, with some latitude for personal judgment. This position serves as a member of the 24 hour, ACT On-Call Crisis Team, which provides crisis resolution and intervention services throughout the Center's catchment area to individuals on the ACT Team caseload. This position must consistently meet monthly performance targets.


• Requires a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in a social, behavioral, human service or health-related field including, but not limited to, psychology, social work, medicine, nursing, rehabilitation, counseling, sociology, human development, gerontology, educational psychology, education, and criminal justice.
(PREFER DEGREE IN SOCIAL WORK). A Master's degree is most preferable
• Must be certified as a QMHP CS
• Experience in mental health/intellectual and developmental disabilities services preferred
• Experience in supported employment and/or supported housing services preferred
• Must have a valid Texas Driver's License and be an insurable driver.