Posted: 02/28/2023

It is the responsibility of the Director of Clinical Education to plan, coordinate, and implement the clinical affiliate scheduling and evaluation so that students receive proper advance notice of scheduling plans and receive appropriate medical and technical instruction, exposure, and experience. The Director of Clinical Education must supervise and coordinate the instructors in all clinical affiliates and periodically evaluate the quality contribution, and appropriateness of all clinical faculty and other responsible for and participating in clinical instruction. 

It is the responsibility of the Director of Clinical Education to contribute to academic development and preservation of program curriculum, and approve developing class, laboratory, and clinical schedules. The Director of Clinical Education will contribute to instructional duties in the classroom and laboratory, as well as assist in the counseling of students enrolled in the program as well as prospective students. In addition, the Director of Clinical education will provide input into developing budget for the program, interacting with the Advisory Committee, ensuring compliance with CoARC standards, and other administrative duties as designated by the Program Director and Division Chair of Health Science. 

1. Represent Cisco College in the most positive manner with prospective, former, and current students, clinical affiliates, and the community we serve. 
2. Develop schedule and organize/coordinate the student’s placement in the clinical affiliates, as well as maintain a favorable instructional environment in order to maximize learning outcomes. 
3. Assess student progress and clinical affiliate activities in a timely manner. Make suggestions for improvement as necessary. 
4. Assure accessibility and availability for students and clinical instructors while in both the clinical affiliates and on school campus. 
5. Communicate and build strong relationships with clinical affiliates. This includes, but is not limited to: • Visiting clinical sites once a semester, and • Attending clinical rounds as determined by need and request of Program Director
6. Obtain new clinical affiliates as required by the program. 
7. Conduct clinical orientation for new students entered into the program. 
8. Monitor students’ completion of clinical documentation (includes but not limited to competencies, accurate times, evaluations, procedures, and interactions). 
9. Evaluate and train preceptors to ensure program standards. 
10. Maintain all student records for and providing required documentation to clinical affiliates. 
11. Correspond with the Medical Director and the technical Director of clinical affiliates for scheduling, every term. 

Minimum Qualifications: 
1. Baccalaureate Degree, Registered as a Respiratory Therapist (RRT) by the National Board for Respiratory Care and a minimum of four years of practical experience as a Respiratory Therapist; of which at least two years must include clinical Respiratory Care. Must have a minimum of two years’ experience teaching in an accredited Respiratory Care program either as an appointed faculty member or as a clinical preceptor (CoARC Standard 2.12)   
2. Current Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP) for the state of Texas. (CoARC Standard 2.12) 

For full application process, please visit ?https://www.cisco.edu/about/offices/human-resources/employment